Air Compressor Products

Compressed Air Power is a company located in Arizona. They have been in operations since 1984. The central area of focus for the company is in compressed air products and services, and they aim to make it easy for people who want services or products falling under this category to find them with ease and in an affordable manner.

Compressed Air Power prizes itself as the only factory in Arizona that has been authorized as a distributor of Quincy products. As such, you are sure that all Quincy products you get from Compressed Air Power are genuine.

Below is a run-through of some of the Medical Compressed Air products and services that one can find.

Compressed Air Rentals

Should one need to use compressed air products for a short period to avoid a downtime or to address a short-term deficit, rentals are the way to go. Through the rentals service, one can rent the equipment they need and use them for a specified time. Through this, a company no longer needs to suffer the losses that a temporary equipment shortage of downtime brings.

Compressed Air Parts

Almost all kinds of parts that you may need for your equipment can be found in the company’s extensive warehouse, which stocks different components from all well-known manufacturers of compressor products.

Rotary Screw Vacuum

The rotary screw vacuum is a pump which is used to move liquids and other materials of high density through a channel. It ensures that the fluids can flow smoothly through the medium at a rate which is reasonably consistent.

Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers are used to dry compressed air by removing any moisture or vapor in it. You can use the dryers also to achieve a target dew point that you want in your compressed air. Doing this helps to ensure that the air you are using is conducive to the kind of work you want to do or the kind of audience meant to use it. The dryers can take many forms as shall be seen below.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

These are the most common type of compressed air dryers in use today. Their design is usually straightforward, and their cost of maintenance is minimal. Just like the way a typical refrigerator works, this type of dryer works by cooling the air, which makes the moisture in it become droplets, which are then trapped and channeled out of the dryer.

Regenerative Air Dryers

These are also called desiccant air dryers. These type of dryers use a desiccant – an absorbent material – to suck the moisture out of the air. Then the system automatically moves the desiccant to another chamber where it is dried (regenerated), and its wetness removed, after which it is ready for use again.