Compressed Air filters

One of the most vital parts of a compressor is the filters. They help in trapping the dust that the compressor may have sucked in from the

air, and aerosols and vapors that may be in the air. There are usually two filters, one at the point air is getting into the system, and another where the air gets channeled to get utilized. These filters need to be checked and replaced regularly, or else the output of your compressor will be affected.


Compressed Air Piping

Once the air has been compressed, it is channeled to the end users using pipes. The pipes must be in a way that the air cannot leak as it is gets transported. It is crucial that you use the right size and shape of pipe for your system.

Industrial Air Compressors

Air compressors are used in different industries to deliver a range of uses. These industries comprise mostly of manufacturing industries, in agriculture and farming, exploration of energy among other sectors. In these industries they are used for a variety of operations such as movement of goods along the production line, keep track of the production process, powering devices used in different stages of production, among other purposes.

Medical Compressed Air

Because of the nature of its operations, a hospital facility must ensure that they have an efficient and reliable supply of compressed air. In these institutions, compressed air is used to supply different gases that may be needed in various facilities using pipes. For example, patients having breathing complications may need a supply of oxygen directly to their body through masks. Other gases that may be required are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, among others. These must be adequately filtered and transmitted without any possibility of leakage whatsoever. The medical air compressors may come in different shapes and sizes depending on the need at hand and the mode of use. They could take any form of compressors described so far, e.g., the air dryers may be regenerative or refrigerated dryers. Their shape may also be specially customized to fit the location they may be placed.

Compressed Air Services

The company offers a wide range of services on your air compressor equipment, to help your company use and keep your equipment in a manner that is efficient. Some of the services are repairs and maintenance of your equipment, as well as professionally conducting air audits to determine the efficiency of your operations and advise accordingly. Other services include detecting leaks in your piping, designing your air compressing systems, renting out equipment, conducting audits on your systems and the air that flows through it, among other services that the company offers.